What’s New 2022

So this last December, my grandmother passed the day that I was supposed to go over and help her put up Christmas.

In January I was in an accident that should’ve and could’ve killed me.

Now I am currently back to where it all began, in college. I am currently back and going to school to be a Social Worker. I realized that I want to help children and there are so many things I can and will do using a degree in Social Work. I have yet to decide if once I graduate ( will be 4+ years) if I want to continue on and get a Masters degree at either Boise State University or Utah State University. Those are the 2 universities that are tied to the school I am going to. I would have to choose from one of those schools. So far – passing everything.

Fast forward a whole semester later, I passed everything but one class. The class I failed was supposed to be the easiest class I had but I never wanted to wake up at 7:45 am. I now have a semester off and am just working away to save money and pay off the credit cards and bills.

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