Why I Started Blogging

In all honesty there are a couple reasons why I started blogging. First because of 3 bloggers that I follow religiously on Instagram. Second, I am a terrible journal keeper and this is my way of keeping a journal. Third, I dropped out of college in 2019 and I miss all the writing and typing that I used to do, especially creative writing which I consider this to be.

Three Boss Women on Instagram

The first blogger is Tanner Mann. An absolute gem. I have messaged her on Instagram and she is so personable and so kind and loving. She is more of a health and fitness inspiration. Her life is shown on Instagram. Absolutely a 10/10.

Her Instagram is


P.S. my apologies for the link not showing up as an image. I am still learning.

She also has a blog…….. 10/10 would recommend


The second blogger’s name is Kelsie Bynum.

This girl is absolutely gorgeous! To say she loves pink is an understatement. She also has lots of Amazon finds. Her blog has wonderful pictures and articles. Loads of pictures. This girl finds so many wonderful clothes and deals. She just had a wonderful little boy.

Her Instagram is


Here is her blog also……..


The last blogger I follow mainly on Instagram. I found her solely from watching TikTok. Her name is Leah Gee

I follow this woman because she has such an incredible smile and style. I am plus size and have trouble finding clothes that I love. Well, this girl has found it and I love it all. She does have a blog but I haven’t dived into that yet.

Here is her Instagram


I think the second and third reasons are kind of self explanatory. I do hope to be posting more now that I have more time to write.

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