Dog or Cat

I like both dogs and cats, but if I had to choose just one it would be dogs. There is something about having a furry friend who understands you and loves you just because you are their human. I love just sitting and petting my dog, Buttercup. My dog is a Great Dane and she believes she’s a lap dog (which is mostly my fault).

Netflix or YouTube

Both, I like Netflix and the variety of choices you have of shows you like. When I can’t afford Netflix I like Youtube because it’s free.

Toast or Eggs

Eggs, I love eggs. It was one of the first solid foods I ate as a baby. I have always loved eggs. You can cook eggs so many different ways.

While Walking – Podcasts or Music

Music, I have never been a podcasts fan. I do have one podcast I listen to but I am terrible with listening and staying focused. Music helps me focus and I emotionally connect to music in ways words can’t explain.

IOS or Android

IOS, I am a Apple person. I love the ways and functionality of an Apple product. Always have and always will.

New Clothes or New Phone

New Clothes, I don’t really care for a new phone all the time, but I would love more clothes. As a girl you can never have too many clothes.

Work Hard or Play Hard

Both. In order to play hard you have to work hard. My father made sure we understood this from a young age because he wanted us to know you can play but you also have to work. So, when you work hard you can play harder knowing that you have worked for it.

Bath or Shower

Shower, I have never had a bath bomb so I will go with showers. Showers are nice because I found this meditation thought. The meditation thought was while showering imagine everything negative and frustrating and not worth while being washed away by the water. It really works.

Hamburger or Taco

Hamburger. I love Tacos don’t get me wrong, but I aboslutely love hamburgers. I love the variety of burgers you can make and how delicious they can turn out to be.

Receive Email or Letter

Letters, I recieve too many emails from spam etc. I rarely recieve letters from anyone.

Car or Truck

Car, Trucks are just too big for me.

Blue or Red

Blue, I love blue. Blue is my favorite color and will always be.

Sweater or Hoodie

Both, I like wearing sweaters and hoodies. I like the ideas of sweaters, but I can’t wear them unless I am absolutely freezing because I get hot too fast. I love wearing hoodies because you can always take it off.

Talk Before You Think or Think Before You Talk

Talk before you think, some people don’t have the filter and some things that are said can be offensive or disappointing.

Fiction or Nonfiction

Both, I love learning about events and things that have happened, as well as reading fictional books because it gets me out of the real world.

Long Hair or Short Hair

Both. I like having long hair and trying new hairstyles, but in all reality I don’t really do too much with it when it is long. I love having short hair because it makes me look more mature.

Black Leather or Brown Leather

Black, I didn’t know there is such thing as brown leather.

Picnic or Nice Restaurant

Both. Picnic because it’s super simple and easy to host. I also like nice restaurants because who doesn’t like to be treated once in a while. I love the simple things in life, as well as the finer things in life.

Raisins or Nuts

NUTS – you will never catch me eating raisins. I hate them! They are wrinkly and gross!

Be Older Than You Are or Younger Than You Are

Neither, I would like to stay at 20 / 21 forever.

Bright Colors or Neutral Tones

Both, I love pops of color, but I also love neutral tones because anyone can wear them at anytime. Neutrals can go with any outfit.

Hardwood or Carpet

Hardwood, there’s something about the look that gets to me. I also love how easy it is to clean. Only downside is it gets dirty really fast.

Beads or Pearls

Pearls, because of how they are made and lesson in life that comes from it.

Whole Wheat or White

Both, Whole Wheat because it’s healthier than white, but white bread tastes better.

Bagels or Muffins

Muffins, I like bagels too (especially the ones my Dad makes), but muffins are an easier grab n go breakfast.

Stripes or Solids

Both, Stripes because it changes up things and solids because who doesn’t like just one color?

Leather or Denim

Depends on where you wear them. I am going to go with jackets. In the sense of jackets, I will go with a leather jacket. There’s something about a leather jacket that makes you look fierce and fine.

Roller Coaster or Ferris Wheel

I have never been on a big kid roller coaster so I don’t know. I have been on Ferris Wheels before and they aren’t that bad.

Truth or Dare

Truth – unless I am feeling a bit daring

Jello or Pudding

Pudding – smooth and silky

Oreos or Chips Ahoy

Oreos – ever since I learned a sweet hack, I will only eat oreos, unless I am offered Chips Ahoy then I would eat them too.

Pens or Pencils

Pens. Permanent ink and it’s easier to read. Even though I should use pencils for homework.

Detailed Art or Abstract Art

Both, any type of art to me, including tattoos, are so fascinating to me

100 Multiple Choice Questions or 5 Essay Questions

Depends on how well I studied.

Adventerous or Cautious

I am definitely cautious. I am a rule keeper

Saver or Spender

I am such a spender. Although, I am trying to learn how to be a saver.

Glasses or Contacts

Both, some days I feel like being a four eyes and others I like having no glasses, because then I can wear false eyelashes.

Laptop or Desktop

Laptop – after I just spent close to $2,000 on my MacBook Pro, you better believe that I am going to choose it.

Classic or Modern

Both, I like a vintagey and moderny feel to things.

Personal Chef or Personal Fitness Trainer

Personal Fitness Trainer – I am trying to become healthier and both will help, but I need to be more fit.

Call or Text

Either – depending on who it is.

Curly Hair or Straight Hair

Both, this is another one that depends on style and clothes being worn

Shower in the Morning or Shower at Night

Both, Showering in the morning wakes me up and is refreshing, but also showering at night is also detoxifying because I wash everything off my body.

Paying Mortgage or Paying Rent

Paying Mortgage, if and when I have money I will buy a home. Because then I can make it my own and it’s almost better to pay mortgage then pay rent.

Slacker or Overachiever

Overachiever – if I am slacking I feel unaccomplished and I don’t like that feeling at all.

Sunrise or Sunset

Both, each have beauty in them.

Orange Juice or Apple Juice

It depends on if I am in a sour mood or sweet mood. I also have to drink each at a certain time in the day depending on the drink. For example, Orange Juice in the morning and Apple Juice later in the afternoon.

Washing Dishes or Doing Laundry

Both, Washing dishes keeps the kitchen clean and doing my laundry makes it so I have clean clothes to wear.

Money or Fame

Fame and money don’t last long, so between the two I would say fame because with fame I could make money and that money could go to my debt and family.

Numbers or Letters

Letters – because there is only 26 letters in the alphabet and in math there is infinity numbers and I just can’t deal with that.

Pancakes or Waffles

Both, I have to be in a certain mood to have waffles though.

Dress Up or Dress Down

Both, I love dressing up because of makeup and clothes etc., but taking it all of is a great feeling too.

Antique or Brand New

Depends on the item. Some things I like antique but most things I like new. I don’t know why – but that’s me.

Bracelet or Necklace

Necklace – I can’t stand having anything other than my Apple Watch on my wrist

Smile or Game Face

Smile – It makes me happier in the end

Crushed Ice or Chunky Ice

Crushed Ice – it’s easier to eat

Baseball or Basketball

Depends on if I am playing or watching. For playing I choose Basketball, even though I hate running. If I am watching I like to watch either.

Body Weight Exercises or Lifting Weights

Either is a workout for me.

Honey Mustard or BBQ

Depends on what I am eating.

Silver or Gold

Gold – gold is first place right? Silver is second.

Boots or Sandals

Depends on the season, if it’s winter keep my feet covered up. If it’s summer, sandals all the way.

B & W or Color

Depends on the what is lacking color or is full of color.

Drawings or Paintings

Either – they are forms of art and each I appreciate so much.

Chinese Food or Italian Food

Both – I have a mood for both. Chinese food more so than Italian food.

Early Bird or Night Owl

Night Owl

Chocolate or Vanilla Ice Cream

Vanilla Ice Cream – you can add sweets to it.

Introvert or Extrovert

Ambivert – both

PC or MacBook

MacBook Pro – mine 😃



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