Jobs I’ve Had & Lessons Learned


WHO: Various Employers

LESSONS LEARNED: Motherhood, patience, unconditional love, discipline, ideas for parenting, how to say no to children


WHO: Various Employers

LESSONS LEARNED: How to clean properly as well as maintaining a clean home


WHO: Idaho State University – College of Science and Engineering

LESSONS LEARNED: How to work hard despite work enviroment and constant change.


WHO:  Varsity Cleaners

LESSONS LEARNED: How to clean and clean correctly


WHO: AMC Theatre in Pocatello

LESSONS LEARNED: Patience, quickness and speed, how to bite a tongue when customers are rude, kindness, and how to teach my future children.


WHO: Cafe Rio in Pocatello

LESSONS LEARNED: There will always be opposittion everywhere you go, how to make delicious tortillas – can’t anymore, how to work efficiently.


WHO: Calling Center in Rexburg, ID

LESSONS LEARNED:  How to bite my tongue when people have sworn at me and been extremely rude about why I was calling. Ironically, It was political surveys.

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