College Food Ideas

Now that I live with roommates in an apartment, I no longer live with my parents, which means I’ve had many first experiences in becoming an adult.  One of them being, cooking for just myself instead of a family, because sometimes I would help cook at home. I noticed one thing about myself during this experience. I learned I don’t like to clean up or wash dishes at all. Especially when other people leave the sink full. I have observed that the other girls in my apartment have had little to no experience in living with other people. Out of all 6 of us there are only 2 who have lived with roommates before. It is a new beginning for all of us.


Food that I have actually enjoyed*

  • Waffles or pancakes*
  • Cereal*
  • Mac and Cheese*
  • Ramen Noodles with no juice*
  • Chicken Noodle Soup*
  • Smoothies
  • Frozen Foods*
  • Frozen Fruits and Veggies*
  • Eggs*
  • Chips and Salsa*
  • Cheesesticks
  • PB and apples*
  • Nutella and Apples*
  • Nutella and pretzels

I also have a couple roommates who make some awesome food.

  • Spicy Potato Casserole
  • Yummy Cookies
  • Smoothies

Comment below if you want me to share some of the information on recipes.

If the picture that I have tried to insert doesn’t show. Go to my Pinterest board My Blog and it’s the quote that says

Breakfast, lunch,Dinner, Dessert is more like Breakfast, Snack, Snack, Dinner, Dessert. – Desiray Layton

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