10 Things That Make Me Happy

I was thinking about things that make me happy! I came up with more than 10 but shortened it down to 10 things. The reasoning behind everything is simple.

  1. Compliments – Who doesn’t like getting compliments – or giving them
  2. Smiles – Scientifically proven to lift your mood
  3. Good Books – Helps with schooling and vocabulary
  4. Music  – Who doesn’t like music?
  5. Cooking – I love seeing people’s reactions when they taste the foods I have made
  6. Babies – BABY FEVER, is a real thing
  7. Housing – I love to look at houses that I know I can’t afford
  8. Shopping – Probably why I can’t afford houses, other than clothes
  9. Makeup – I love makeup! Makeup makes me feel beautiful
  10. Money – Root of everyones problems


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