Good Samaritan

I wrote this blog post ages ago, I just haven’t typed and posted it.

This week in testimony meeting in my church, there was a common theme. You could guess that by the title of this blog post that it was about service and charity.

Recap on the Good Samaritan Parable – Luke 10:25-37

A young man fell among thieves and they hurt him and beat him up and left him to die. Then came a priest and he passed by on the other side of the road. Soon after a Levite and he came and looked at him and passed by on the other side. Soon after that, a Samaritan (Jews have no dealings with the Samaritan people see John 4:9) came saw and felt compassion. The Samaritan bandaged his wounds and cleansing them with oil and wine. He got the man onto his animal, took him to an Inn and took care of him. The next day when he left, he paid the innkeeper and then told him if you spend more when I come again I will repay thee.

Just a recap if you didn’t want to read it, but I highly suggest reading it.

This week I also was blessed to have a Good Samaritan experience.

Thursday was my only day off form one of the jobs I work at. I have a coworker who asked if I would do him a favor, I told him I would. He then continued to explain that he works another job from 4-10pm and he was scheduled for 3-12am and asked if I would take the 3-12am shift for him. I told him I would because I am trying to save money for school. More hours equals more money.

Saturday, I was hoping not to work so I had asked people if they would take my shift and no one responded back. My mom came and talked to me about my plans for the day and she noticed I was upset about something. I told her that no one would take my shift and that from then on no one would get shifts covered by me, because no one could help me out at all. She reminded me that no matter what we always need to be nice to everyone no matter what they do to us.

LIFE LESSON #1 – Always be kind to others no matter what others do to us because it’ll come around once again AKA KARMA

My Challenge for this week is to go out of your way today to do something nice for someone


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