ABC Tag 2K18

A       Age – I am 20 years old

B       Birthday – August 8

C       Current Time of the clock – 1:13pm

D       Drink you last had – Peach Iced Tea

E       Every day starts with – breakfast and a shower

F       Favorite Song – Currently don’t have one favorite – – It’s the Greatest Showman Soundtrack

G       Greatest Memory – Being adopted as a child

H       Height – 5”1 ¾”

I        In like… – a police officer I know who is a little older than me

J        Jealous of – I try not to be jealous but sometimes it happens

K       Kindest deed done – I had a necklace that was Leo the Lion and I absolutely loved it. A girl I didn’t know cut her hand and was scared to get stitches so I gave her the necklace knowing that she was a Leo and that she had commented earlier on it. So I gave it to her without any hesitation

L       Last time I cried – Last night

M      Middle Name – Christina… ancestors on both sides of my family

N       Number of siblings – 3 boys and 3 girls

O       one wish – To marry the man I know from letter I

P       Person I last texted – My Mom

Q       Questions I always ask – Really?

R       Reasons to Smile – A Different Reason Every Day

S       Song Last Sang – In My Blood – Shawn Mendes

T       Time I woke up – 9:40 am

U       Underwear color – it doesn’t really matter but its black and gray

V       Vacation Places I Have Been – Las Vegas and California

W      Worst Habit – I always have said I know when my Mom says something – it’s a really bad habit

X       X-rays I have had – none

Y       Your Favorite Food – currently Homemade Mac and Cheese – it’s so easy

Z       Zodiac Sign – Leo the Lion

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